SELLing a home


 We keep busy so you can relax.

The first step involves determining whether you actually want to sell or stay in place Our approach includes what we call a ‘Seller Needs Analysis’ so you get objective information about the selling process so that you can determine what option is best suited to your needs. If your decision is to sell the next step involves determining  the market value of your home based on a range of factors (the condition of your home, the features/upgrades, the neighbourhood and more). This doesn’t mean you’re going to sell your home for this price, but it gives you a sense of where your home fits into the market and why. This also helps determine a more targeted approach to selling your home, based on who is likely to want to live in this home in this neighbourhood …and can afford to buy it.


Is the market hot or not?

Who cares? You need to sell your home now, not wait for things to ‘heat up’ or ‘cool down’. We do not have a “one size fits all” philosophy, so we work with you based on what makes the most sense to achieve your goals no matter what ‘temperature’ the housing market may be. We do this by offering a variety of options and services that fit your budget and timeframe.


You’ve done your homework. We respect that.

 Yes, we are the experts but that doesn’t mean we’re know-it-alls. We listen to you and for good reason, it helps us focus on selling your home for the best possible price.

Always be Prepared.

 We also offer a ‘pre home inspection’ which will outline any repairs or improvements needed that would come up during the potential buyer’s home inspection. You don’t want any surprises at this stage, so we’ll help you be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible about the state of your home.