Prince Realty offers all of the services you would expect from a “traditional” real estate brokerage in addition to the security of having your offer reviewed by a real estate lawyer before being submitted. Make sure that you understand the legal ramifications of signing an agreement of purchase and sale before it is too late. When buying a home, you should have lots of questions – and these should be discussed with your real estate lawyer before you agree to purchase a home.

  • What are the legal consequences of not having a home inspection?
  • Should you consider waiving a home inspection?
  • What is the zoning for a property?
  • Should you be worried about easements?
  • Is there HST on my purchase?
  • What’s a chattel? What’s a fixture?
  • Can I back out of a purchase? What happens to my deposit if I do? 
  • What happens if I can’t close on time? 
  • What are the risks of buying before I sell my current home?
  • What happens if there is a defect that the seller didn’t disclose?

All of these are great questions and you deserve answers. With Prince Realty, you get the services of not only an experienced Realtor, but you also receive the services of a real estate lawyer (Prince Law) who can help answer these important questions for you.

On top of legal review of your offer, Prince Realty is unique in that we do not engage in dual agency situations. This means that you are our only client in the transaction. When we represent you, you can be certain that the seller is not our client. You can be rest assured that we will always be working SOLELY in your best interests and negotiating the lowest possible purchase price for your new home. To learn more about why we don’t believe in dual agency, click here. 

After you have a firm agreement to purchase your dream home, your file will be seamlessly transferred to Prince Law who will work with your lending institution, if applicable, to transfer title.

The best part? All of these services are generally offered at no cost to you. In Ontario, the seller often (but not always) pays the buyer’s real estate agent commission. Because Prince Law and Prince Realty work together, this commission is generally sufficient to cover your legal fees as well! To find out full details of how we can work with you, please contact us for more information.